Here is the beautiful story of digiSchool

Once upon a time ...

In 2011, two entrepreneurs fans of new technologies named Thierry Debarnot and Anthony Kuntz - respectively founders of Media Etudiant and Kreactive - met.

Media Etudiant and Kreactive are two companies born in Lyon in 2005. For almost six years, these two companies were growing up in parallel. Media Etudiant is the result of a Business School student needs who wants to find an online platform where students share their lessons. Kreactive is specialized in new technologies and the creation of smartphones and tablets apps.

In 2011, the two young entrepreneurs shared the same belief: education and teaching were about to undergo a digital revolution. Kreactive and Media Etudiant got closer to each other and gave birth to digiSchool, the leader of digital education we know now.

Once upon a time digiSchool

Once upon a time digiSchool