Here is the beautiful story of digiSchool

Our job

digiSchool has been helping young people pass their exams and choose a course path for 10 years. digiSchool works along with about 100 teachers and careers counselors to offer a free and quality "school after school" service to young people from 15 to 25.

digiSchool counts 6.5 million members and more than 5,000 new members every day for a total of 2.7 million unique visitors per month (Médiamétrie Nielsen - June 2016).

The public is particularly excited about its applications to revise for the GCSEs, the A-levels and the driving theory test. At the end of 2016, digiSchool launched a free careers counsel coaching program mixing an online digital process to find a course path and offline meetings (with coaches, schools and professionals) to ensure their choice. To speed up its development in France and abroad, digiSchool realized a €14 millions fundraising in February 2016.