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Apps covering

Cover a mobile app for 1 week 100% of your advertising - interstitial spaces and banners !

Choose a digiSchool app that is related to your target :

  • You want to talk to 12th grade/Year 13 students? Cover the apps dedicated to the Baccalaureate*
  • You are only interested in students in general? Go for the digiSchool Media app
  • You are interested in young people from 15 to 25 years old? Choose the digiSchool 15-25 pack
  • Etc ...

We are able to make your creations, your mobile landing pages and your mobile app for you.

*Baccalaureate : The "Baccalauréat" is the group of exams taken by French eighteen year olds, so could be said to be roughly equivalent to A levels in the UK, the HSC in Australia, or the High school diploma in the US.